BestBuy Introduces Apple Watch at $49

BestBuy Introduces Apple Watch at $49
Apple’s People Watch

BestBuy Introduces Apple Watch at $49

BestBuy introduces Apple watch at $49 only. In this way BestBuy has taken the lead to introduce the cheapest digital Apple Watch in this price deal. The offer is bundled with iPhone 6S Plus weaving watch price of $250. We can imagine when people will be carrying mini smartphones over their wrist and these would be more convenient and wearable.

Best Buy has offered deal of $250 off on all Apple Watches with purchase of iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus at the same time. The offer is available with 2-year contract of installment plan for Verizon Wireless, AT&T or Sprint.

The detail features about the product can be found here: Apple Watch Full Features.

The full colored screen of Apple Watch is designed with e-paper technology, which deals lower energy consumption. This is water proofed and this device can also use microphone for voice search. This watch can also be used with Apple and other Android devices. It shows information about calls; messages and other notifications in the form of timeline, and this can be forward and backward by scroll up and scroll down.

Competitors also introduced many watches in parallel and some of these include Samsung Gear S2 and this smart watch is available with the device of revolving of high end tizen operating system. Its Display has rating of IP 68. It is launched in two different versions Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic.

Microsoft don’t want to lose this race and introduced Microsoft Band which can show you your email and text messages, Calendar and weather’s condition. Cortana fulfill the digital needs. You can also make phone calls through this because it has all the features of smartphone. Windows and Android fans can take advantage of this.

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