Best AI Programs for PC


Best AI Programs for PC

Artificial Intelligence

Hundreds of expert systems belong to AI and there is no doubt that AI (Artificial Intelligence is contributing great service to the mankind. Almost every electronic device contains some sort of AI features. The world of possibilities associated with AI is really huge and there could be quoted the long list of services rendered by AI and changing our lifestyle. Today ComputingCage will be presenting some of the great AI programs for PC under different categories.

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AI Programs for PC Windows

Links Mark II

This is Jarvis based AI tool possesses great interface for all mega-voice-commands and may reply to hundreds of your commands with nice sounds. In the Shell feedback, you may see actions and their responses. You may install through visiting

Jarvis Lite

Jarvis Lite is a free lightweight fully customizable program that allows you to set custom voice-activated commands to control your system. This Windows based program is learned to reply your queries. The basic functioning of this AI based application is based on voice recognition, MC commands, and dictation. People use to develop databases for your conversation.


Cortana is smart chatbot that may reply to maximum queries. Cortana is Microsoft's Virtual Assistant based on Machine Learning technology. It can help your routine official dealings through reminders, calendars, meetings through customized settings.


This is open source machine learning innovative software mostly in research for predictive big data analysis, data scoring, and data modeling but not user-friendly. It is widely used by 100000 data scientists in deep learning and it can integrate with other AI tools such as TensorFlow, MXNet and Caffe for training data loads.

Azure Machine Learning

Microsoft Azure is another excellent tool to develop powerful cloud-based ML (Machine Learning) applications. Previously called as Windows Azure is a cloud-based tool that provides many benefits including always up, manageable, elastic and up to date. It provides Saas (Software as a service), Paas (Platform as a service), Iaas (Infrastructure as a service) and supports many programming languages and frameworks. It also provides services such as computation, mobile, data storage, data management, messaging, media services, CDN, development and of course machine learning. It always keeps the local copy of repository before sending data to the cloud.

Ultra Hal Assistant

It is a conversational simulator for your Windows PC that works as a personal assistant through chatterbot developed by Zabaware Intelligent Machines and it utilizes natural language via speech recognition. Based on the award-winning Artificial Intelligence technology, it employs WordNet lexical dictionary. So you may hire a digital secretary for your convenience and can be downloaded from CNET. Ultra Hal Assistant keeps huge database based on the conversation of millions of lines from facebook, twitter, and other search engines.

Google Cloud Machine Learning

It uses pre-trained datasets to develop large-scale ML models. The salient features by Google Cloud ML include powerful video/image analysis, job discovery, speech recognition, text analysis and dynamic translation. Some of the broad range solutions for media, mobile applications, big data, financial services, gaming, retail services, IoT, Web Apps, DevOps, Windows, and SAP. Other good AI software are listed below:

  • Tensor Flow
  • Infosys Mana
  • Deep Learning
  • Inbenta
  • Deep Dream
  • Narrative Science Quil Engage
  • ALICE (Natural language artificial intelligence chatbot solution utilizing AIML and forming responses to any questions)
  • Ada Support (Delivers simple customer support automation through an AI-powered bot for answers to frequently asked questions).
  • Astute Knowledge: Respond to consumer inquiries to drive satisfaction and online conversion with knowledge management and self-service software.
  • Axonize: An IoT platform solution with features such as behavior monitoring, subscription management, data analytics, and more
  • DACinCI Labs: AI-based predictive analytics tool that generates actionable prediction functions from the structured data uploaded by the user.
  • Epiphany Publishing Platform: Enterprise-grade software designed for the creation, management, and monetization of live and on-demand audio and video content.

Emerging trends that will change through Artificial Intelligence

Mobile Automation - A Term

Defence Technical Information Center has shown a research project applying AI techniques to the development of integrated robot systems. The experimental facility consists of a computer-assisted program that carries a TV camera and other sensors. The primary emphasis is on the development of a system of programs for processing sensory data from the vehicle, for storing relevant information about the environment, and for planning the sequence of motor actions necessary to accomplish tasks in the environment. A typical task performed by our present system requires the robot vehicle to rearrange (by pushing) simple objects in its environment.


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