Beautiful Digital Wrist Watches


Beautiful Digital Wrist Watches

An elegant wrist watch is great for official events, dinner gatherings and is a useful accessory suitable for a casual day out. The kind of watch you wear influences out the kind of person you are, whether you are one with an excessive sense of style, with luxurious taste, favor things simple and minimalist or will go all out for purpose over form. These watches though are in a class of their own. let us have brief overview of some of exclusive  digital wrist watches below:

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Beautiful Digital Wrist Watches

Price: $160

This is the fluffy stainless steel version of the innovative Keypad watch. Hitting the ‘0’ will display the time while hitting the ‘asterisk’ displays the date. The time or date is shown as numbers brighten up one at a time.

Void – V02

Beautiful Digital Wrist Watches

Price: $189-$205

Void V02 comes with unique design and style. It looks half hidden yet you can tell time with it. But the essence of it is the squat hand points to the hour, the extended to the minutes; conversely each hand has different colors, red, white and brown. Hence when it is the red hand, the red numbers it points to is the right time, the similar relates to the white hand.

Time Watch Kit

Beautiful Digital Wrist Watches

Price: $59

It is also called Solder Time Watch Kit and comes with 4 digit 7-segment LCD onto PCB. Meant for actually geeky watch, create your own with this easy to do solder equipment. It has all the modules you require and all you have to do is to accumulate it. The 35g watch pure plastic case displays all the modules within for additional geeky appearance. It’s as well hackable so you can compose your individual source code to program whatever on the LED display.

Tokyo Flash Spider

Beautiful Digital Wrist Watches

Price: $150

The Tokyo flash Spider uses four hexagons of diverse sizes to convey you the time. Each hexagon beginning from the outer one denotes a number of the existing time. Read from the external most to the innermost hexagon. It has an exclusive LCD display. On the other hand, there’s no alarm feature so you’re left with just date and back-light feature.

Phosphor World Time

Beautiful Digital Wrist Watches

Price: $146

The curled E-Ink display lets the case of the watch to curl as well, creating it comfy to wear. It can be presented with a black or white background with the digits in conflicting colors. Traverse this watch by snatching through the display to inspect the world time.

Ziiiro Proton Watch

Beautiful Digital Wrist Watches

Price: $121

This watch has two apparent incline discs, blue that represents the hour and other yellow one that represents the minutes. The green you see on the watch is generated by the mixture of the two colors. While in suspicion, just look at the edges of the colors. The bands on this watch have no buckle and is like a band, the band strips are accessible in different colors.


Beautiful Digital Wrist Watches

Price: $213

This specific model originates in three altered color variants and only has 1 button to turn on the hind- light. The manner you read the time is by reading the hour from the exterior ring while the interior ring shows the minutes. The ZIIIRO logo in the mid is displayed when it’s PM and hidden when it’s AM. The disadvantage of this watch is that it has no alarm or timer features.

Nooka Zub Zayu

Beautiful Digital Wrist Watches

Price: $128

Very beautiful and wearable watch from Nooka has a rare alignment; it can be worn out on both left and right wrists. The pill-shaped dots control the hour, whereas the broader bar fills up to display the minutes, the thinner bar is apparently for the seconds. Hitting one of the buttons lets you to inverse the bars so that it’s not upside down while worn on the other wrist. The watch is uniquely design into polyurethane material on 20mm band.

Gentleman’s Faceless Watch

Beautiful Digital Wrist Watches

Price: $75

Nobody will know that this fancy looking watch can in fact express the time. By hitting one of the buttons, the LED`s will brighten up to display the time. It’s pretty simple and graceful that originates in 2 color selections to fit your style.

Touch Time

Beautiful Digital Wrist Watches

Price: $21

LED touch watch tells time through light display. The price range is quiet economic and anybody can afford to buy. This is a cooler digital watch with long lasting back-lit LCD touch screen and swipe abilities to traverse through the diverse apps and select different time faces. You can have fixed several alarms, reminders, view the calendar, use the stopwatch and calculator and it doesn’t oblige daily recharging.

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