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Battery calibration for better battery life Android has a built-in battery stats pointer in the setting menu. This feature allows the OS to show present battery height on your device. From time to time, if the battery isn’t calibrated, it may guide to incorrect battery stats in your OS owing to incorrect discovery of battery level. Incorrect battery level discovery may lead to your OS identifying that your battery is empty. So we may use Battery Calibration feature to save the battery of smartphone.

Huge authority comes huge blame! And in the Android society, with huge power comes immense loss of battery life. If you’re among smart phone addicts, the battery gauge will remain frequently half empty.

AndroidPIT-Nexus-6-wireless-charging-w628And to make matters still not as good as, over time, your battery life will almost certainly get inferior and inferior due to the humiliating health of the battery itself. Consequently, I have two solutions for you. One is major and it is less time overwhelming than the other, but both options have shown great battery life increases for plenty of users. So without additional farewell, the two best options for calibrating your phone’s battery.

For Rooted Devices

Battery Calibration
Battery Calibration

This is enormously simple given that your phone is by now rooted. If your phone is not rooted, go to the front and root your device.

 If your phone is already rooted, simply follow these four easy steps

  • Download Battery Calibration for free from the Android Market.
  • Plug in your phone and charge to hundred percent. (“It’s not obligatory, but not necessary, to let the phone fully discharge after calibration, then charged to hundred percent devoid of smash.”)
  • Open Battery Calibration on your Android device and press the “Battery Calibration” button.
  • Unplug your phone and enjoy a better battery life!

For Un-Rooted Devices

Battery Calibration 3
Battery Calibration 3

This is also extremely easy, but at the similar time, a little extra time overwhelming. If you have a rooted device, completely the way to go. However, if you don’t know what “root”income, attach and go check out the Root Section of Android Authority

  • Turn your phone on and charge it for eight hours or extra.
  • Unplug the charger.
  • Turn your phone off and charge it for one hour.
  • Unplug the charger.
  • Turn on the phone and stay two minutes.
  • Turn your phone off and charge it for one hour.
  • Unplug spin it on and use as customary. Your battery life should now be a lot better.


18whx7dahcuz6jpgWell persons, that’s it and that’s all! After implementation one or both of these solutions, you ought to be seeing a considerable battery life augment. Remain in mind that a “calibration” is a comparison between capacities. Fundamentally, you are maddening to understand a “wonderful world battery life”. Or as well known as the battery life that a new phone would accomplish. Therefore, if you are calibrating your 1 month old Galaxy Nexus, don’t wait fora big change on the battery life.

H. Mehar, Studied BS (Hons) in Information Technology, working as team member and article writer, photo editor with ComputingCage since 2015 and also member of Internet Society. Moreover she is handling Google+, Facebook and other important social media and her section is Female Technologies as well.


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