Artificial Intelligence Played Role in Breast Cancer


Artificial Intelligence Played Role in Breast Cancer

Artificial Intelligence is omnipresent and it is really contributing in almost all fields of life. Recently Artificial Intelligence played role in breast cancer treatment that may lead to significant reduction or control of the disease. Only in the US, 2,30,000 new cases are reported each year while this ration is alarming in third world countries. In Pakistan, nearly 83,000 new cases are reported each year and 1 out of 9 women suffer related disease during her life time. If diagnosed at early stages, it is perfectly curable.

Google seems prominent in Artificial Intelligence as this global search engine giant uses most sophisticated algorithms for searching and analysis. ComputingCage has published an article on Google next turn on AI based messaging service.

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Google Deep Learning

It has not passed long time when Google started project that can identify objects, living organisms from photos using AI. Now Google has made another success in this field; Google next project to investigate into diagnosis of Breast Cancer. Google has announced it has developed an AI system that can effectively diagnose breast cancer with accuracy. It shows how much AI has been evolved and lot of potential is present in this field.
Google has employed deep learning technique to analyze thousands of photos of cancer cells and found related patterns to identify the disease. Deep Learning technique is effectively used in this way to recognize patterns in biopsy samples of cancer cells.
Google hopes such method might be very helpful for pathologists to diagnose cancel cells.

This technology is made to assistant physicians and Google representative told such AI system is very sensitive in diagnosing infected cancer cells. It can also detect those symptoms that other systems might not. However such system needs test retest reliability on large scale in order that it could effectively be applied for the treatment of big humanity as early as possible.

This system is under trials and will take time. Experts believe such technique will be help for those remote areas where pathologists are limited including India and Africa.

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