Artificial Intelligence and Education System


Artificial Intelligence and Education System

Artificial Intelligence

Now Artificial Intelligence is replacing human brain and it has done almost. At the time when human brain fails to calculate mathematical problems, Artificial Intelligence provides quick result by asking its Virtual Assistant. So we can say that Artificial Intelligence can enhance our education. AI can provide more tools to the teachers and students to get information. Artificial Intelligence and Education System are integral parts to each other.

It is very difficult for a teacher to offer same attention to all the students when strength is higher. It is very necessary to understand which student is getting knowledge in right way and which students are needed for more attraction and help. Artificial Intelligence can help to identify how many students are learning and how much students are missing.  Adaptive learning systems with the help of converged infrastructure can evaluate results from students ranging that how much knowledge each student is gaining. Dreambox is an Adaptive learning system that can do this for teacher and can ensure recommended steps and different teaching techniques for helping a student.

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TeacherMatch  & MyEdMatch are specially designed for students that helps them to find out which teacher is best to supervise their study. In a school or university it is the best way to teach students by offering them a very relevant and experienced teacher. TeacherMatch helps to find out an available teacher on the basis of Practice, personality and situation.

BrightBytes Clarity (AI system) can tech better

Some teachers may possess best practice in given school and can enhance their teaching habit. They can manage their time table effectively and can make reliable their teaching Plan. They can utilize their resources very efficiently to prove a good teacher. For some inspiration, BrightBytes Clarity can do most effective practice on the board after analyzing teaching habits and schedules. This makes feasible for teachers to exactly judge how their students react to certain techniques, which schedule will be the best to bring some positive results. It can help to find out which teacher is perfect to handle their student’s unethical behavior. Other teachers can learn from experience offered by the BrightBytes.

New Classroom

Student and teacher interaction very necessary but some time due to enough time in class room students fails to ask some hurdles in lesson.  New Classroom is an AI system that helps in simplifying this process by gathering data about the schedules of student and teacher and informs them the best time for discussion on their topic. AI will assess a teacher’s most creative and free days, enabling the teacher to help students without disturbing his own life, all this will possible if a teacher will have his/her free days.

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