Apple’s People Watch

Apple's People Watch
Apple’s People Watch

Modern technology is looking one step ahead for smart watches, after smart phones. Apple is working great to rock in the world of smart watch by introducing Apple’s people watch. Now Apple wins the hearts of their users by introducing a brand new watch with cheapest rate. For this project Apple just was funded from ½ million dollars, but this famous product with the name of People Watch got so popularity that company has received an offer of $40 million. One of the main reasons behind its reputation product is that its display will always remain on and its battery will work over a week.

Apple’s People Watch Features

The full colored screen of People watch is designed with e-paper technology, which deals lower energy consumption. This is water proofed and this device can also use microphone for voice search. This watch can also be used with Apple and other Android devices. It shows information about calls; messages and other notifications in the form of timeline, and this can be forward and backward by scroll up and scroll down.

Compare it with Samsung Gear 2 Smart Watch

Major Source of Being Connected

This watch will always keep a connection with Apple community. You can reply someone by messages and attend a call by your people watch. If you have no time to reply someone this device has many option of quick reply. Even you can tap you send short context. If you have forgotten you task on smart watch you can continue by lock off pro bottom left side. If you wish to draw something on your watch you can do so by using your finger and this drawing can send to your friends. In this way they can see you drawing.

The most important thing is this, that inward such capabilities this device will be sold in just 120 pounds in this year.

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