Apple iPad Pro Super Computer


Apple iPad Pro Super Computer

Apple iPad Pro is not only a tablet device but it can also work like a computer system. It is really stylish with ultra smart design into many colors. Sleek and slim style iPad Pro comes into two sizes (9.7” and 12.9”) and both have different specifications. It will be really cool to highlight some of the salient features of current both iPads and will see which one is best for whom. On official website, Apple iPad Pro super computer confuses whether it is really super computer? But one can concludes as it might work the same after experience it.

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But be careful of beautiful polish and smooth metal surface as it is highly slippery too. So you may need a case or some stand to hold.

Apple iPad Pro Super Computer

Above are some of the features of both models in a table. Now I will try to highlight some of the features individually.


Apple iPad Pro 9.7 has battery life up to 24 hours with steady normal use. But it does not support Type-C cable that supports fast charging (USB C is compatible with only Apple iPad Pro 12.9).

A full HD video with maximum brightness can last up to 350-400 minutes (5-6 hours) of video smoothly on Apple iPad Pro 9.7. While iPad Pro 12.9 has larger battery and can play same video for more than 10 hours.


Both models are committed to deliver desktop type performance. Smart keyboard can be attached using Smart Connector at bottom and you do not need to charge keyboard separately as it transfer both data and power. Both use IPS display technology. However smaller iPad uses True Tune technology which automatically adjusts white balance of the screen.

Smaller means more portable while larger means more visual impact, the choice is yours. Larger iPad has little bit faster processor clock speed. But factor is RAM which is double than smaller one. So larger iPad Pro has more performance measures.

Apple Pencil is excellent device with almost 100% precision and accuracy for those who love to take notes. Fingerprint sensors of both models work flawlessly so there is no need to complain in any case.


Bigger iPad with 5 MP front camera has better results as compared to smaller iPad with just 1.2 MP front camera. Same is the case with rear camera (smaller has 8 MP while larger has 12 MP camera) for taking occasional photos and videos. The larger iPad generates 4K stunning video and excellent photos for outdoor photographs. It also helps to avoid shaky hands as it is almost as good as iPhone 6s camera.

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