Android Wear 2.0 Google Watch


Android Wear 2.0 Google Watch

Android Wear 2.0

Google is already active in Android wear. The search engine giant wants to gain Smartwatch global market share in Android watch. Samsung, Apple have introduced couple of excellent watches with competitive features. Now Google comes to play the game. Let us take some of the salient features of Android wear 2.0 Google watch below.

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What is good?

  • Beautiful Solid Design
  • All Main Apps supports
  • Watch Display
  • Price $349
  • Larger Display

Swap Screen to get Feature

You may swap to change the screen option. You can also twist the button to get new feature. The price tag of $349 might seem little expensive but look at the features it provides. Main features include, maps, alarm, watch, reminder and many more. technology is shrinking continuously and nano technology has taken leap. Electronic devices are getting smaller and faster.

You may continuously press the main button to get different apps one by one. You may also choose paint option to write through your nail. It supports almost all social media, messengers but it is bit difficult to write on small screen. If you become expert writer then you may enjoy it. Just swap one finger to choose among silent mode, airplane mode, settings and volume control.

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