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Google’s Android Operating System is being used in millions of devices mainly in smartphones. However it is also used in tablets, computers, televisions, cars and digital watches. As Internet access is the main aim of using smart devices and an operating system plays vital role to access Internet. As Internet grows bigger, chance of getting security threats are also increased. Here a different kind of bug called Android Bug is new type of threat to android.

Whenever a device or person comes on Internet, chance of being hacked becomes high and he can be a victim in any case any time. In order to overcome such security threats, security professionals keep on finding such bugs which can be exploited by an attacker.

There is a difference between Threat and Attack. A threat is a potential place or bug which can be attacked. It is like a window in a room which can be broken by a thief. So theft is attack and windows can be a source of threat.

Few days ago, Check Point, an Internet Security firm has disclosed in a conference in America that hackers can take control of Android phones easily. This control can be through Remote Support Tools provided by the mobile companies.  These tools or apps can be source of threat using digital certificates and phone data can be accessed. So digital certificates can be hacked to control unauthorized access.


Check Point also claimed that RSTs (Remote Support Tools) are installed on every Android device by default. These tools are also used by ISPs. This is the first time that Check Point pointed out this bug that can be fixed through security updated. This company has informed mobile manufacturer companies about this exploit. This company has also developed an app to check if an Android phone can easily be accessed or already been hacked.

According to security professionals of Check Point hackers are breaking into a phone through Stage Fright, hacking software. This spyware sends an MMS to any Android phone and gets control of the device in spite of  this MMS is read or not.

Inam Ul Haq is currently working as Creative Director & Publisher in the ComputingCage. He normally supervises posts, floats ideas and helps team members. Moreover he is member with IEEE, ACM and Internet Society.


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