algorithm to record heartbeat through radio frequency wirelessly


algorithm to record heartbeat through radio frequency wirelessly

Machine Learning has been grown to advanced level and vast community is getting benefits through diversified fields.Researchers and scientists from MIT have worked in a positive direction to apply Artificial Intelligence in order to understand the human feelings and sentiments through WiFI. They have introduced an effective algorithm that can record the heartbeat through radio frequency. The algorithm to record heartbeat through radio frequency wirelessly is an innovative approach in this regard.

Emotion Recognition through Wireless WiFi

The RF device works in collaboration with the algorithm in order to keep the track record of heartbeat and send to the central system for later offline analysis. The team of doctors can analyze further to suggest effective care mechanism. Somehow it works in the same way as other ECG/EKG systems work.

Unlike to connect with the body, the proposed algorithm cannot need to touch the body. It can effectively record heartbeat through WiFi. It works on the basis of machine learning and the experts have termed it as EQ Radio.

EQ Radio

EQ Radio can effectively record the heartbeat to maximum accuracy and guess emotions as well. Scientists believe EQ Radio is an amazing contribution that will have the vast impact over patients, older people and kids.

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