A Story – How I Introduced Internet in My Village


Adeel AhmedInternet is a network of networks and a great source of information and applications all over the world. Internet has changed the whole world into global village. Internet is available all around but it is not easily available in rural areas near my village. Where I live Internet is not easily accessible as only electricity towers can be seen. There is no way of internet other than outdated 2G mobile network tower. Here I want to share A Story – How I Introduced Internet in My Village.

If telephone wire is available then it should be easy to access and provide Internet. But there are not even telephone lines. Availability of Internet through 2G is a problem as its speed is not high at that cost. Steps should be taken that make access of Internet so easy to solve problems.  If we hire the services of different companies then devices are costly and out of the reach of middle class people. If users want to access Internet with wires at wide distance then they have to pay high cost and this procedure is not durable. If fiber optics will be used then this so costly but this one is reliable and faster medium.

So we need such a way which would be cheap and feasible. For this we have a Wi-Fi system option because this is cheap and reliable. Main objective was that “How I Introduced Internet in my Village” so I tried to reply it. I provide the facility of Internet via Wi-Fi in my village seven kilometer away from city. Previously this method was adopted by big institutions and government sectors. So keeping that in view, I tried to successfully introduce this networking system in 2009 first time.

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I used the devices that had capability of sending signals up to eight kilometer range and user can access through receiver antenna.  First of all we converted the wire Internet into Wi-Fi internet and gave access to the village seven kilometer away from city and Internet was provided of user through receiver device. I have used these devices to avail Wi-Fi Internet Mikrotik router board, Omni directional antenna, bullet Wi-Fi router, and receiver antenna.

Mikrotik router board is used to create user login ID and manage user accounts and using this manager can make different tags. This can also be used for security purpose of Wi-Fi Internet.

A Story – How I Introduced Internet in My Village

Bullet Wi-Fi router is used to convert wire Internet into Wi-Fi internet and transmit Wi-Fi signals widely. This can send signals five hundred meter range. If used this with Omni antenna signals could be sent to do minimum range of six kilometer and maximum ten kilometer.

A Story – How I Introduced Internet in My Village

Omni directional antenna used with Bullet Wi-Fi router main function of omni-antena is transmitting signals around about and wide distance.

A Story – How I Introduced Internet in My Village

Receiver–Antenna is used on user side that can catch signals from six kilometer to ten kilometer. Without receiver antenna any laptop or mobile can access Wi-Fi Internet at one kilometer distance to five kilometer.

A Story – How I Introduced Internet in My Village

Mikrotik router board, Omni directional antenna, bullet Wi-Fi router are used at sender side and receiver-antenna used at client side. In the same way we could send and receive signals at maximum range up to 100 Km using little more expensive and capacitive devices. Mobile SIM signals, TV and FM radio signals are also transmitted by almost same technique.

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Wi-Fi set-up can easily be controlled and installed. It is cheap as well and as indissoluble. This is useful in 8km up to more than 100 users to be connected every time to Internet.

Adeel Ahmed

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