6 Upcoming Features of Windows 10


6 Upcoming Features of Windows 10

6 Features of Windows 10

The 6 upcoming features of Windows 10 are ready for major updates; Microsoft has taken the next step to upgrade the Windows 10. Creators Update promises that these free features will be released early in 2017. This free update will be released in the early of 2017. All new features are here that user will enjoy soon.

  1. A New Way of PAINT

Paint is most dynamic software in windows on which 100 million users works monthly. Thanks to the Creators Update, they decide to redesign this software completely. Microsoft said that new look for Paint will be most advanced imagination and user will be allowed first time to draw directly on the screen with the help of surface pen.

With the help of new Paint app users will draw 3D objects through surface pen or mouse. During Paint users will also be helped with suggestions as Software will work with Microsoft's HoloLens virtual reality headset. A library of 3D shapes will also be added in new app and users will be allowed to edit these shapes to construct extensive 3D models of their own. Brushes will be there to spray effects on 3D models those will be replaced in live environment.

  1. Ease Sharing

Microsoft is ready to add an iconic feature named Windows MyPeople that will allow users to share their contents (photos, videos and documents) without open different apps. According to Creators Update Microsoft wants to place people at the center of windows, by connecting user’s favorite connects there. MyPeople has also option to share notes and annotations: mean user can share special moments in better and quicker way.

  1. Better Support to HoloLens

Users of windows 10 will be able to use HoloLens to transport the user in virtual home where they can interact with 3D memories and 3D apps. Creators update also shown a new app Holo Tour that can transport its user anywhere in the world to take famous sights from the world into user’s room. Microsoft also revealed that third-party Virtual Reality headsets will be able to benefit from Creators update.

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  1. Batter 3D

This upgrade is made-up for the better implement of 3D System in creative industries like design and media. Specific 3D apps that Microsoft unveiled recently will also support 3D objects manipulation. In its previous app it will also work, as in PowerPoint user can now add 3D models of its own or from library of 3D object.

3D items can now be included detailed transaction as zoom a specific area and mix 2D contents. This will provide a depth-look to the audience and all developers will be able to share their 3D models online.

  1. Improvements in Gaming

Gamers also has rights to get a number of upgrade, Creators update will bring some necessary updates for them. Last year Microsoft was highlighted 500% increase in gaming seen on windows 10. With the help of Beam video sharing software in windows, gamers will get enhancement in gaming experience and it will feel easier to the players. Users will also be able to set their custom tournaments with their friends on Xbox and windows devices.

  1. Better Communication

To make communication better Microsoft is bringing of the most popular services together, as Mail, Skype, Xbox live and even SMS. Through the app when users are in-contact they will be able to reply as their wish.

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